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1. Promote, expand and encourage economic & trade relations between Cyprus & France

2. Promote to the governments of the two countries ways and means to safeguard smooth flow of trade & further strengthen economic & business relations.

3. Create and maintain regular communication between the business communities & politicians of the two countries.

4. Present to the French market the opportunities for the French companies not only for trade with Cyprus, but also for the use of Cyprus as a base for export via-Cyprus to the middle east. north Africa, eastern Europe, the Balkan countries, and the European union countries.

5. Organise events for the implementation of the above.

Promoting the goals of the association

1. Trade
Strengthen trade / increase imports of French products / increase exports of Cyprus products to France

2. Investment
Attract French investments in Cyprus
Transfer of know - how

3. Tourism
Encourage and strengthen tourism between the two countries

4. Services
Promote Cyprus as a business and service centre
Organise exhibitions of Cyprus products and services in France
Organize seminars in France

these seminars should be organized in cooperation with the Cyprus chamber of commerce and industry for the purpose of promoting Cyprus as a business and service centre

Organized dinner speeches
French ambassador
Cypriot speakers
French speakers