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Foires Salons & Congres de France
Created January 20, 1999, from the merger of the French Federation of Fairs and Salons (founded in 1925) and the French Federation of Technical Salons (founded in 1954), Fairs and Salons of France (FSF) is a professional organization that accounts for 90 percent of the activity of the fair, salon, and exhibition grounds market in France.

As a professional employer’s organization, the FSF is an ex officio member of the Consultative Committee of Fairs and Salons (CCFS), created by the Undersecretary of Small Business, Trade, and Crafts, a member of the French Enterprise Movement (MEDEF), the SYNTEC Federation, and an associate member of the Union of International Fairs (UFI).

website: http://www.foiresaloncongres.com/index_uk.html